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Colonel Abrams Victim Of Loving You SR12382 15/09/1995  
Colonel Abrams Victim of Loving You SR12382DW 17/12/2007 view
Capital Swing Jazz Doubt SR12383 15/09/1995  
Morel's Grooves Pt.9 Everybody Sing Along SR12384 29/09/1995  
Rageous feat. Turn It SR12385 22/09/1995  
Da Cocoanut Hut Mexico Lindo SR12386 22/09/1995  
Revival I Know He Will SR12387 29/09/1995  
Raving Lunatics Raving Lunatics SR12388 06/10/1995  
Knight-Grooves Money (Get Paid) SR12389 06/10/1995  
Sneak Essentials Volume 1 – In Da Clouds SR12390D1 26/02/2007 view
R.B.M.(The Remixes) Yo Shorty SR12391 13/10/1995  
Wild Men Bush Dance SR12392 20/10/1995  
The Tony B. EP Music SR12393 20/10/1995  
Future Funk Groove of Happiness SR12394 27/10/1995  
T.K.C. Overload Livin In The Jungle SR12395 27/10/1995  
Krimp Get Up SR12396 03/11/1995  
Krimp Get Up SR12396D1 21/05/2007 view
Kevin Bryant Any Love SR12397D1 12/03/2007 view
Hardhead Demon Dreams SR12398 10/11/1995  
George Acosta Pres. Way Up To The Sky SR12400 29/03/1996  
A.J. Mora Sketches The Journey SR12401 24/11/1995  
Sneak Essential Vol.2 What I Am SR12402 24/11/1995  
Black Magic Freedom SR12403 17/11/1995  
Black Magic (MAW production) Freedom SR12403D1 29/01/2007 view
Underground Congregation Lovin Flowin SR12404D1 02/04/2007 view
Knight Grooves Vol. II B. Free SR12405 01/12/1995  
Morel Inc. feat. Mr. Mike Time Waits For No One SR12406 15/12/1995  
M+S pres. The Girl Next Door Justify SR12407 12/01/1996  
M+S Presnts The Girl Next Door Justify SR12407D1 05/03/2007 view
The Resolution The Power and The SR12408 15/12/1995  
The Time Undefined EP All For You SR12409 05/01/1996  
The Presta Project Get Up SR12410 05/01/1996  
Triple Fat Systems Found SR12411 10/01/1996  
Phugitive Now Dance (Come On) SR12412 08/12/1995  
Androgeny feat. Gender Bender (Now Work It) SR12413 10/01/1996  
Morel's Grooves Pt. 9 Todos Los Latinos(En La Casa) (The Remixes) SR12414 17/01/1996  

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