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Rhythm Factor feat. Vee Woodruff Survive SR12346 17/05/1995  
Safar Gimmie, Gimmie SR12347 03/05/1995  
Carolyn Harding & Damon Horton Sing-A-Song SR12348 10/05/1995  
George Morel Officer Where's Your Brother SR12349 10/05/1994  
After Hours Feel It / Waterfalls SR1234D1 16/04/2007 view
Maurice Got Me Burning Up SR12350 17/05/1995  
N.W.2. The Monster SR12351 24/05/1995  
D.J. Pierre pres. Spank-Spank I Believe SR12352 24/05/1995  
Soulfuric Urban Turban SR12353 31/05/1995  
Winter Darling Higher Love SR12354 10/05/1995  
Morel Inc. feat. Tafuri Running On Empty SR12355 21/06/1995  
Raw Junkies Up & Down SR12356 07/06/1995  
The Mole People (Armand van Helden) Break Night SR12357D1 26/02/2007 view
M.C.D.C. Honey Did That SR12358 14/06/1995  
Gee-Man The Soul SR12359 14/06/1995  
Gee-Man The Soul SR12359DW 29/10/2007 view
Rageous projecting Franklin Fuentes Tyler Moore Mary SR12360 21/06/1995  
Christian Science The Bitch SR12361 28/06/1995  
Planet Soul Set U Free SR12362D1 02/04/2007 view
R.B.M. feat. Barrio Bob Yo Shorty (The Remix) SR12363 05/07/1995  
Funky Soul feat. Peggy Dodson Do You Want My Love SR12364 14/07/1995  
D.E.K. feat. Edward Nicholas You Make Me Carry On SR12365 14/07/1995  
Cronik X- Tacy SR12366 21/07/1995  
Lovechild The Bellvue Experience SR12367 21/07/1995  
DJ Pierre Mind Bomb SR12368 04/08/1995  
Caucasion Boy Hotrox SR12370 28/07/1995  
Roger S Let Yo Body Jerk / Get Hi SR12371D 05/03/2007 view
Shades of B.O.P Your World SR12372 04/08/1995  
Dark Heads Lifted Up SR12373 11/08/1995  
King Maurice Time Travel SR12374 11/08/1995  
Triple Fat Systems Part I Electric Cornbread EP SR12375 16/08/1995  
Sticks & Stones Timbuctoo SR12376 25/08/1995  
Roger S. Livin 4 The Underground SR12377 08/09/1995  
Giant Wheel Retrash SR12378 25/08/1995  
DJ Buck Pres . The The Bells of San Francisco SR12379 01/08/1995  
Soulfuric Sea of Passion SR12381 01/08/1995  

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