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Reel 2 Real feat. The Mad Stuntman Raise Your Hands SR12312 18/11/1994  
Thumpin' Little Mouse Can't Get No Rest SR12313 16/12/1994  
Kitchen Sync 2 Police Squad SR12314 16/12/1994  
Teri Bristol & Pauls' Pain SR12315 04/01/1995  
-365240 Keep Him On The Phone SR12316 04/01/1995  
The Stickmen The Drug SR12317 11/01/1995  
Citric Every-1 SR12318 11/01/1995  
Zound Of 2 Barber SR12319 18/01/1995  
Afro-Cube Muevete Mama SR12320 25/01/1995  
Afro Cube Muevete Mama SR12320D1 12/03/2007 view
Wink Higher State Of Conciousness SR12321 29/01/2007 view
Sweet Drop Acid People SR12322 01/02/1995  
The Gloo Factory The Hoe Down SR12323 01/02/1995  
Androgeny feat. Michael M Let's Talk About Me SR12324 08/02/1995  
Photon Inc. Project Blast SR12325 15/02/1995  
Photon Inc Project Blast SR12325D 15/10/2007 view
Morel Inc. Why Not Believe In Him SR12326 17/04/1995  
Ruff Cutt feat. Mone' & Polo Ranks Sweat And Groove SR12327 08/02/1995  
Sole Fusion The Chosen Path SR12328 15/02/1995  
Sole Fusion (Louie Vega) The Chosen Path SR12328D1 14/05/2007 view
House 2 House Harambee SR12329 22/02/1995  
Sound Station The Deep State Of Sound SR12330 22/02/1995  
DJ EFX Give'em Panik EP SR12331 08/03/1995  
Turnstyle feat. Althea McQueen Reachin' Higher SR12332 22/03/1995  
Lou2 (Louie Vega & Lil Louis) Freaky SR12333D1 26/02/2007 view
G Funk Misused SR12334 29/03/1995  
Brotherhood Of Soul I'll Be Right There SR12336 27/03/1995  
Reel 2 Real feat. The Mad Stuntman Conway SR12337 20/03/1995  
Club Zone The Dangerous EP SR12338 02/06/1995  
The Godfather Of House pres. Shannon Low The Promise Land SR12339 05/04/1995  
Lou 2Freaky (Unreleased Mix) SR12340 12/04/1995  
R.A.W. Unbe (The Bootleg Mix) SR12341 12/04/1995  
Fiasco Ecstasy SR12342 19/04/1995  
The Presta Project Biggatty (Bone) SR12343 26/04/1995  
La Vecina Chismosa SR12344 26/04/1995  
The Stickmen Impakt SR12345 03/05/1995  

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