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Tylon Feel The Rhythm of House SR01200 10/07/1989  
Desarae Wild Give Me The Rhythm SR01201 16/08/1989  
Roommates Voices in the Dark SR01202 16/11/1989  
Dance Syndication Space SR01204 08/02/1990  
The House Crew w/ Bonz Dance To The House SR01205 09/03/1990  
D.T.R. feat. Tylon You're Mine SR01206 09/03/1990  
Roommates Voices In The Club SR01208 10/05/1990  
Scram I Believe SR01209 06/06/1990  
J.R. Boyd Flesh SR01210 26/06/1990  
New Power Generation It's Obsession SR01211 25/07/1990  
Lovechild Sweet Ambience SR01212 07/08/1990  
Dance Syndication Fools in Love SR01213 20/08/1990  
New Rhythm Time Travel SR01214 28/08/1990  
M.C. Tops Do The Nasty SR01215 06/09/1990  
Chapter 1 Unleash The Groove SR01216 25/09/1990  
Logic The Difference SR01217 01/10/1990  
Tech Nine Slam Jam SR01218 10/10/1990  
Raw Power The Movement SR01219 22/10/1990  
Underground Solution (Roger Sanchez) Luv Dancin' SR01220D 29/01/2007 view
Scram EP The Trip SR01221 07/11/1990  
DV8 Freedom SR01222 21/11/1990  
E-Culture Tribal Confusion SR01223 30/11/1990  
Essence Just A Touch SR01224 11/12/1990  
The Untouchables EP Take A Chance SR01225 03/01/1991  
Rhythm Warfare Two Notches SR01226 11/01/1991  
Chapter 1 T.N.T. EP Friction SR01228 01/02/1991  
Rare Arts Boriqua Posse SR01229 08/02/1991  
The Al Mack Project Nightlife SR01230 19/02/1991  
Static Touch Me Baby SR01231 25/02/1991  
The Rhythm Factor Lose Control SR01232 04/03/1991  
Black Orchid Techno Dreams SR01233 07/03/1991  
After Hours Feel It SR01234 18/03/1991  
Youngbloods Gimme Some More SR01235 22/03/1991  
House 2 House Hypnotize Me SR01236 01/04/1991  
Double Impact The Maniac Track SR01237 09/04/1991  
Ememar One Get Your Thang Together SR01238 16/04/1991  

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