Barbara Tucker

Q:Precious love – how did you get involved with the single? Kevin hedge of blaze fame approached me almost 3 years ago about a project influenced by the concepts i've done where i bring artist together. rnhe said the proceeds would go to life beat, a charitable organisation that fights against aids. i was all aboard. Q: Tell us about it why it is so special? The project is special for just that reason, my contribution as well as others could help raise money for life beat. The record has been around since this time last year and has been huge the clubs, now its about to explode. Q: You’re the queen of the ny dance scene- how do you keep your music/vocals so fresh each time? do no coffee, or alcohol and i get a lot of rest before i go to the new york clubs! Q: Dance music is dead people keep saying. what do you think? telling the thousands of people around the world that i see at the events that i play that house music is dead, i am sure they will have an answer for you! pacha ibiza, new york, london, the scene is huge and music is becoming interesting and creative again. Q: How do you find the london clubs compared to ny? the London music scene changes much quicker, but theirs is a consistent foundation of good house music. There is a lot of energy here I the uk. The New York scene's is CRAZY, and is very creative, you are guaranteed to see many drag queens and interesting characters and celebrities. Q: Whats been your career highlight? performing with George Clinton, Bootsey Collins, studio works with the Pet Shop Boys and Dave Stewart and Wycleff Jean, are highlights in meeting and jamming with legends.rnrnQ: You’re classed as a disco diva whats the most divas-esque thing you have ever done? performing and coming out of the celling on a swing! woooooo...!! Q: Who are your influences? Chaka Kahn, Lola Falana, Josephine Baker, and Tramaine Hawkins. Q: Which contemporaries do you admire? Rochelle Farrell, Tina Turner, and any broadway diva.... Who do you want to work with- your dream collaborator and why? Some one like a Quincy Jones, to experience his take on house music, and any one like a Martin Solveig because i love, live instrumentation. Q: Any famous fans? Not that i know about, anyone and everyone! Q: Fashion plays a big part in your life too. whats your secret to looking good and sounding good? I also am a stylist and a designer. Q: What other music are you working on? My album for b star records, music and production. Q: What will you be doing for the rest of the year? performing where? I will be doing ibiza again, as i have a residence at Space on wednesdays mornings, performing all through the world, and a couple of conference that i love to participate in.

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