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Sagi Rei

Sagi Reitan, stage name Sagi Rei, was born in Tel Aviv on 24th November 1972. Involved since his infancy in the music of his country, he has a vast artistic sensibility and it was his mother Nili (she too a musician) who first noticed this talent. Voice and guitar are his instruments, increasingly shaped by the discovery of black music and soul (Motown), genres that were to leave an indelible mark on his musical development (his main influences are Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson).

In the early Nineties he moved to Bergamo to study medicine at the University of Brescia. But his thirst for music began to take the upper hand and he joined a gospel choir in Milan, with which he then toured the whole of Italy. He started to perform with small groups in clubs and sang various famous songs. It was during these performances that the soul and ethnic-acoustic elements of his extraordinary and versatile vocal powers, which gradually came to characterize Sagi’s highly personal style and give him credibility as a solo singer, started to emerge.

He was soon spotted by the producer Cristian Piccinelli, who chose him as lead singer in various projects and introduced him to the dance world and to DJ/producers such as Mario Fargetta (for whom Sagi sang “People On The Beat”) and record producers such as Mauro Marcolin and Diego Abaribi. The latter together with Max Moroldo had the idea of getting Sagi to do acoustic remakes of some of the biggest dance hits of the Nineties. This idea led to the production of a collection entitled “Emotional Songs”, released in 2005, which immediately won over a vast public of fans and admirers. Another big success came two years after with “Emotional Songs Part 2”, which retained the concept of the first album but extended it with other sounds, including the piano.

Five years on from the release of “Emotional Songs”, it has been published in over 15 countries, including the USA, Canada, Germany and Spain, and is now in the 100 best-selling albums in Italy ranking thanks also to the recent popularity of the single “L'Amour Toujours (I'll Fly With You)” chosen in 2009 as the musical accompaniment to the TV ad for the “Intimissimi” brand. It is also ranked amongst the most downloaded singles in Italy.
In 2006 Sagi was the voice in the hit “Shining Star” (produced by Get Far, alias Mario Fargetta), one of the most popular dance songs in discotheques worldwide.
In the summer of 2007 this success was renewed by another remix of “Shining Star” and in spring 2008 Sagi performed for Fargetta again, in “All I Need”, another hugely successful single.

Having attained such popularity, Sagi stepped back from the scene to reflect a while and decided to dedicate himself to a new project, the recording of a personal tribute to the international music icon Michael Jackson. In June 2010, exactly one year on from Jackson’s death, the Israeli singer voiced his tribute in “Sagi sings Michael Jackson” (Universal), a re-interpretation of some of the finest works of the undisputed and deeply lamented “King of Pop”.

Made with producer and arranger Enrico Caruso, whom Sagi met in his “gospel” period, the album deconstructs the songs starting with arrangements that made them famous and recasts them in emotional portraits that exalt the lyrics and melodies. Sagi thus consolidates his fame as one of the most intense and intelligent singers in recent years.
The first track chosen as a single is a pulsating “Billie Jean” in which the beat is sustained by a mixture of “black” blues and Caribbean rhythms.

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