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Mashing  the keys on her family’s piano, a 3-year-old MMAIO was determined to find her voice. MMAIO grew up in a musical home, to a non-stop soundtrack of Janis  Joplin, Queen, Journey, and Cyndi Lauper. In this North Jersey Italian-Irish  household, if you spoke, you sang.

Indeed,  MMAIO sang throughout middle school, high school and college; thereafter, she moved to NYC and set about crafting a distinct sound. Idols such as Björk,  Florence Welch, and Shakira reared their respective heads. However, the  necessary evil of the corporate world clawed at her heels. In what little free  remained, MMAIO busied herself writing and referencing for known acts and  labels. 

She  broke free of those tethers and forged the identity that best bespeaks her:  mercurial and eclectic. Her work boasts real polish: soaring,  classically-trained vocals dance with epic refrains and artfully constructed  melodies. Note also the fragility and etherealness, essential ingredients in her  sonic stew. It all blends as a delicious mix of dance/electronic and  pop.

Currently,  MMAIO appears on singles from Get Up Recordings and Wawaviva (Sexy). Additionally, she’s on the verge of releasing a slew of material via Sorry  Shoes, Suka Records (France), Strictly Rhythm and more...Stay tuned. 


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