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Kayla Irwin (age 17) had her beginnings in rural surroundings. Her family enjoyed family life in smaller towns, eventually settling down in Alliston, Ont., where Kayla has lived since the age of 9. Encouraged by a family friend who immediately recognized her talent, Kayla began taking weekly vocal lessons. Like her idol Britney Spears, Kayla turned to outlets such as singing competitions, talent shows and local coffee shops to display and hone her artistic craft. Always surprising her audience, Kayla consistently placed 1st or 2nd.

It was at one of these competitions that Kayla was discovered by her management team OnTime Music Group, who noticed her un-doubtable star quality. Managers Kurt Gentles and Jessica Sack-Tina brought Kayla to the studio to record her first single, “I was so excited to start working with a professional team and I totally flipped out when Kurt told me Lil Jon was going to be on my first track!”

Kayla Irwin's debut single ‘Step On It’ featuring ‘Lil Jon’ was released in Canada in the spring of 2011. After great success across Canada, the vivacious teens edgy CHR pop song was noticed by Upstream Music, under the Strictly Rhythm Records umbrella. They realized the huge potential of the song and Kayla as an artist. Upstream Music and the Strictly Rhythm family quickly signed Kayla to an international record deal, “I am ready to take my music to a bigger audience. I think my sound will appeal to all demographics. I can’t wait to share my music with the world” says Kayla.


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