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James Doman is an electronic music producer, a DJ and a businessman. He is one half of clubland hit makers Doman and Gooding. He remixes the world's biggest acts (Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Will I Am, Kelis and many more). He runs his own label, Superficial, as a joint venture with dance music giant Strictly Rhythm.

James has built his career on producing and playing strong, effective, melodic, accessible club music. He grew up in Toronto, Canada and became one of the country's top radio and club DJs before relocating to the UK to further his production career. James is now based in Los Angeles, USA where he is currently working on new tracks for the unstoppable Doman & Gooding as well as a solo project, the first release featuring Chris Willis on vocals, and remixing some of the biggest names on today's global music scene.

The back story:

James Doman was born in England. His family moved to Canada when he was five years old and he grew up in Toronto. He started playing piano at age eight and quickly got through all the grades. By the age of 12, thanks to an older brother and growing obsession with all things musical, he was DJing using one turntable and cassette machine.

The Doman household was a musical place, his dad played piano and guitar, but his work was in engineering. And James picked up his father's love of working out how things do what they do. So when he wasn't playing music on a record deck he was likely to be found taking it apart to see what was inside. And, thankfully, putting it back together again in time to sneak into one of his older brother's parties to take in the atmosphere and, perhaps more importantly, see how the tunes affected the mood of the party people.

As he hit his late teens he already had his own radio show and a club night, at Surf City, Toronto. It was here that he saw DJ Frankie Knuckles using a reel to reel to play his own custom edits to the crowd. This inspired James to start making his own edits and start thinking about making his own music too.

Within months he added a recording studio to his list of assets. "I bought all this kit. I had no idea what I was doing. I just moved into the studio and started using it, went home about once every three days to change and shower. I would try to remake people's records, find out how they did it." Combining his dad's skills with his own passion he started building a successful career as a producer. After a move to UK he became the man behind the sound of a bunch of the UK's coolest DJs including Steve Lawler. But with his background in DJing James was never going to be happy being the powerhouse behind the main attraction, so after learning as much as he could and making excellent contacts, James moved on to the current beating heart of the entertainment world, Los Angeles.

Here he divides his time between remixes, production work with partner Pete Gooding and work for TV and movies. His biggest tunes to date have been the Tiesto favourite, Alright, and , Doman & Gooding's Runnin'. James has a rigorous approach to writing and production. It's not easy for a sound or a melody to make it into the final cut of a Doman production.

"I know how to play piano, I know the keys and everything so I can work out how things are made. I love melody, music that is uplifting and memorable. When I write something it's got to do the right thing on the dancefloor and it's got to be memorable. That means throwing a lot of stuff in the garbage."

And his next goals? "My dream is to turn one of my projects into a live act. With visuals and stuff but with live keyboards, vocalists, it's the next logical step. Production-wise, a bunch of top 10 singles, then, in the next 10 to 15 years, move full time into movie scoring." The way things are moving at the moment none of that should be a problem.

Key career moments: 2010 - Starts Superficial, joint venture record label with Strictly Rhythm. 2010 - Releases Doman & Gooding - Pacific State, an update of 808 State's classic tune. 2010 - Nominated for a Juno Award for Runnin' 2009 - Has a hit in Canada and the UK with Doman & Gooding - Runnin'. 2009 - Nominated for a Juno Award for Alright 2008 - Has a massive club hit with James Doman - Alright, Tiesto's tune of the year. 2004 - Contributes music to UK indie movie It's All Gone Pete Tong. 1998 - Moves to UK to engineer and co-produce some of the biggest DJs including Steve Lawler.

Or, in his own words:

The five best moments of my career to date:

1 Hearing the news that I had a song added to the BBC Radio One daytime playlist. I felt this was a milestone since there are few tracks that ever achieve that status 2 Receiving two Juno nominations (they are like the Canadian Brits) for dance single of the year. It was nice be recognized by my peers for the hard work, and bringing mum and dad to the show was kind of payback for all the support they have provided over the years. 3 Starting my first radio show on a commercial radio in 1993. 4 Getting my first set of Technics 1200s. 5 Having a weekly residency at Circa nightclub in Toronto playing for 3000 plus people each week.

Five tunes that define James Doman:

1 New Order - Blue Monday Still to this day this production sounds fresh. 2 Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax The first record I bought. Trevor Horn's production was incredible and fresh.

3 U2 - Where The Streets Have No Name Defined what an anthem should be. 4 Depeche Mode - Everything Counts I Love Vince Clarke's production.

5 Daft Punk - Homework Album This really inspired me for production.


remixes/Productions Production and remixes for various artist such as: Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Nelly Furtado, And these:

2009 - Doman & Gooding - Runnin' 2009 - Tiesto - You Are My Diamond 2008 - James Doman - Alright 2008 - Harris & Doman - Blown 2006 - Michael Jackson - Thriller 2005 - James Doman - Can You Hear Me (It's All Gone Pete Tong movie soundtrack) 2005 - James Doman - Mirage (It's All Gone Pete Tong movie soundtrack)

2005 - James Doman - Good To Go (It's All Gone Pete Tong movie soundtrack) 2004 - James Doman vs Thomas Dolby - Blinded By Chemicals - Positiva 2004 - Def E & James Doman - I Can See You Dancing - Toolroom 2003 - Tortuga - Axe Corner

2003- Girls Aloud - No Good Advice - Polydor 2003 - Disco Evangelists - The De Niro - Positiva 2003 - Room 5 - Make Luv - Positiva 2003- James Doman - Keep On Movin' 2002 - Who Da Funk - Shiny Disco Balls 2002- Aqualung - Strange and Beautiful 2002 - Sandy vs Housetrap - Overdrive 2001 - Musak - Trisco 2001- Watkins - Black AM 2001- Satoshi Tomiie - Atari 2001- BT - Never Gonna Come Back Down


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