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Doman & Gooding are a dance music production and DJing duo. They both have their own happening music careers, James Doman as a producer, remixer and DJ based in Los Angeles, Pete Gooding as a globe trotting DJ, producer and radio presenter based in Ibiza. They have their own label, called Superficial Recordings, a joint venture with Strictly Rhythm Records. They have an underground clubby alter ego, The Machine. They have one hit, Runnin', under their belts and another, Hooked On You, about to drop.

Doman and Gooding have already had a hit in Canada and the UK with the club anthem Runnin', it's still on rotation on dance radio and MTV and has over 1.5m hits on Youtube. The super-hooky follow-up I'm Hooked On You is set to be even bigger. Cool club tunes are handled by the duo's alter-ego The Machine who have already released on Size and Audio Therapy, two of today's biggest and best club imprints.

And the business is done through their own label, Superficial Recordings,a joint venture with dance music giants Strictly Rhythm. Pete lives right at the centre of all things clubby, in Ibiza, where he plays regularly for We Love at Space and at the coolest bar on the island, Cafe Mambo. James lives at the heart of the entertainment business, in Los Angeles, but thanks to their laptops and Skype they speak almost daily, sometimes for hours.

How they met:

James: "We met back in." There is a pause. "I can't remember when."

Perhaps that should become a real place, it would save a lot of people a lot of trouble. "We met in some hotel in London."

Pete fills in the details. "In Steve Lawler's hotel room." Pete and Steve are old friends from school. At the time James was producing Steve's tracks. And, after a few days making tunes, drinking vodka and getting on like the proverbial house on fire, a most excellent musical partnership was born.

James on Pete:

"A lot of the time when you work with someone in the studio it's very serious. With Pete I have a good time. It's a good laugh and creatively it's great. I guess I'm in the driving seat, on production. Pete brings a lot of ideas to the table. I love having someone to bounce ideas off. That's as important as having someone at the controls making something."

Pete on James:

"Me and James make a great team, we bounce ideas off each other really well and we always have so much fun in the studio which is what it's all about."

On Superficial Recordings:

"Superficial Recordings is an outlet for our productions, whether it be tracks from Doman & Gooding, The Machine, or our various solo projects. It's also an opportunity for us to release musi from various other producers who catch our attention."

Doman & Gooding Discography:

Doman & Gooding 'Back To Life' [Superficial Recordings] 2011 Doman & Gooding ft Cassie Davis 'Hit Me With The Lights' (The Machine remix) [Superficial Recordings] 2010 Doman & Gooding 'Pacific State' [Nocturnal Groove] 2010 Doman & Gooding feat Dru & Lincoln 'Runnin' [Positiva] 2009 Doman & Gooding 'Dig This' [Heaven Recordings] 2008

Recent Doman & Gooding remixes:

Beyonce & Lady Gaga 'Videophone' Esmee ft Justin Timberlake 'Love Dealer' Will I Am & Cheryl Cole '3 Words' Kelis 'Acapella' Professor Green 'Need You Tonight' Professor Green 'Monster' Tini Tempha 'Biker Babe' McFly 'Party Girl' Richard Vision 'I Like It' Shontelle 'Impossible' Jesse J 'Price Tag' Kiesha Chante 'Table Dancer' Maximum Balloon 'Groove Me' L.M.F.A.O 'La La La'


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