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Moises Modesto

Moises Modesto was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in New Jersey.  As a young boy he was inspired by his father's musical talents on the saxophone, and developed a strong desire to master the piano with the same passion and skills.  Moises grew up in front of the piano, attending piano academy from grammar school all the way up through college, ultimately receiving a National Piano Diploma and starting a few bands.  In an attempt to impress his high school sweetheart he composed several piano solos for her and discovered his passion for writing love songs.  This discovery has now expanded into all arenas of music, which blends his background in classical, Latin and jazz music to create ballads, film scores, house tracks and pop music.

Moises, Jay Dabhi and Duane Harden created Soltrenz Records in 1997 and the three combined their love for commercial, ethnic and deep house music into a new flavor all together. But without a distribution deal, many years would pass before getting Soltrenz off the ground.  Working along with legendary DJ Frankie Feliciano and vocalist Melonie Daniels, Moises co-wrote the track Don’t You Ever Give Up (Slip n Slide) which became an underground classic.

In 2003 Moises Modesto burst onto the scene as an artist at the Winter Music Conference as a featured act at the Slip-N-Slide Records party in Miami.  Moises produced, sang and debuted an unreleased song called Save A Lil Luv that caught the attention of Michael Paoletta, Dance Music Editor for Billboard magazine and received a full page of accolades in April’s Billboard edition.  Moises also wrote Slumber Party Girls Summer’s Gone which was used in the opening scene of Bratz: The Movie in 2007.

In the past five years Moises has been on a songwriting blitz working with a host of artists that include Barbara Tucker, Lil Louie Vega, Ron Fair and Jenny Frost as well as collaborations include Sandy Vee, Antoine Clamaran, Bob Sinclar, Gary Pine, Yasmeen, David May, Marquito Zibung, Eric Morillo, Jose Nunez, and Harry “Choo Choo” Romero.


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