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Duane Harden

"You Don't Know " him but you really do.  He's the man behind the lyrics on a lot of a lot of tunes that's been keeping you dancing through the years.  From his first track with Armand Van Helden "You Don't Know Me" down to Bob Sinclar's chart topping hits "Love Generation", "Sound of Freedom" and the latest "New New New".  Now, he's added label owner to his talents of vocalist, songwriter, and producer.  Soltrenz Records is a joint venture with the world renowned Strictly Rhythm records.  Along with his partners, Moises Modesto and Jay Dabhi, Soltrenz has already started to make clubbers sweat on the dancefloor.  The label was launched with Da Groove Doctors feat Tommie Nibbs "All We Need Is Love" .  And now they're ending 2009 with a bang with there latest releases of "Free Your Soul", "Heart on Fire", "Music Is" and "Circle People".


And if he isn't busy enough he's added DJing to his many talents.  Don't miss Duane's first compilation released on Soltrenz  "Sunset Ibiza:  2009 Closing Party mixed by Duane Harden".  Its a great comp of the club mixes from the label that you definitely don't want to miss out on.  It will keep you dancing at all your holiday party's and something to give out as a good stocking stuffer.  He has plans to release his "Hit Maker" and "Dance Diva" series which will be compilations of songs written by him as well in 2011


Speaking of 2011, its shaping up to be a powerhouse year for Soltrenz.  Look out for forthcoming albums from label artist Noel G and Duane Harden himself.  Wow... seems like too much for you to keep up with the happenings... don't worry. ... you'll soon be able to with a Soltrenz app on the iPhone.  


So if you're not a Soltrenz fan yet, we guarantee that you will be soon... dancing yourself into a frenzy


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