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Aron Scott

Aron Scott is a young French DJ and producer. Born in 1993 in Pessac (France) He spendt his childhood constantly moving from city to city, in and out of France. This had a strong impact on his musical culture and really opened his mind to new ideas. Having Been fascinated by music early on , Aron begain working on Rave Ejay at the age of 11, then, having tested various softwares, he decided to stay on FL Studio.


After a few years of musical production and experience, he changed his artist's name from Martin Skills to Aron Scott (in tribute to the famous jazz-man Aaron Scott). To start off with this new name, he released "I Don't Wanna Be" with his two mates Lokovski and Ethan Wood on the famous label Suka Records. This track was rapidly supported by a lot of well-known producers (Roger Sanchez, David Vendetta, Peter Gelderblom, DJ Fist, Tune Brothers, The Good Guys, Eddie Amador, Peter Brown, Donna J Nova, Flash brothers, Gabi...) He produced again a new opus ("The Reason") with Nathan fehn and Dankann for Starlight Records, which reached

Beatport's top 50 and was also supported well.


Currently, Aron is actively working to refine his own style with tracks like "AC" signed on the prestigious Spinning Records and "Hiver" on Jared Dietch's Camel Rider project in which he is very involved.


His notoriety is still expanding... Remix requests and support from producers are coming from all sides... It’s safe to say that Aron Scott is far from finishing his ascension. It’s looking to be a promising year. Stay Tuned!

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