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Adrien Mezsi

Adrien Mezsi, an up and coming DJ and producer, has recently been making some serious noise in the music world. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he was introduced to electronic music at the tender age of 15 and has fallen in love with it ever since. Growing up in Southern California, Adrien has been exposed to all different types of music his whole life, which gives him a library of musical knowledge and an exciting approach to his own productions. Starting off by playing around on a few amateur DJ programs, Adrien began to get serious about music after picking up his first pair of Pioneer decks. It was all uphill from there, as he has shown an innate ability to create melodies and produce tracks that rock the dance floor. More recently, he’s been producing on programs such as Reason, Logic Pro, and Ableton.

His production style can be described as ‘techy new age house’ music. Nevertheless, Adrien is also accustomed going out of his scope of music to create different types of beats, such as electronica or even hip hop tracks. His large variety of musical taste includes everything from electronica to rock music, and he is known to be very open-minded about music. “A good song is a good song,” he states. “'You need to be able to take certain elements from various styles of music and then fuse them together to create something new and original.”

2010 saw his first EP release ‘Pressure/Les Bangs’, which is his first release featured on Omerta Records, based in Toronto, Canada. Currently, Adrien is hard at work in the studio five days a week preparing a lot of new material for the summer. At the young age of 22, he has started to gain a lot of attention in the Southern California club scene, recently receiving gigs to spin with the likes of Dirty South, Christopher Lawrence and Steve Porter to name a few. One of his latest remixes, Axwell and Dirty South’s ‘Open Your Heart’, has received support from Steve Angello, Roger Sanchez, Dirty South, and Max Vangeli. Make sure to keep an eye out for this young talent as this year will continue to unveil some unforgettable music from him.



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