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Mishal Moore

Mishal Moore is one of the most talented new singer / songwriters to emerge from the US in recent years. 10th August sees the release of her new single ‘It Ain’t Over’, the latest product of her creative partnership with legendary producer Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez, one half of Masters At Work and owner of Ill Friction Records.


Mishal Moore draws on her personal experiences to create songs truly written from the heart. Her music takes in influences from gospel, jazz, soul, big band, pop, classical and more, all imbued with an expressive, emotive voice that can go from a smoky whisper to a heartfelt cry in the same breath. A talented multi-instrumentalist, she loves to be on stage performing, but is never more comfortable than when immersed in the cathartic experience of songwriting. Her ever-growing collection of songs is her life and her soul laid bare. Her ongoing and prolific musical collaboration with Kenny Dope, allows Mishal to write, before Kenny adds his unique touch and sublime skills in the studio.


Growing up in Florida, Mishal trained as a classical vocalist, but soon came up against a music industry that saw her skin colour and pushed her towards a certain sound. She pushed back, deciding to move to the cultural melting pot of New York. As she struggled to get her music heard she was amazed to find herself an overnight YouTube sensation. Her intimate live performances were selected to appear on the YouTube home page and she received over 100,000 e-mails from fans within 3 days and over a million views of her videos!


Convinced she was on the right path, she moved forwards and began working with Kenny Dope. The first release from this collaborative process was ‘Oh Lord!’ on Ill Friction. The track was aimed far from the mainstream, but the jazzy, hook-laden sound attracted the attention of radio tastemakers such as ?? and global brands such as Vanity Fair who used it as the soundtrack for their coverage of The Oscars.


‘It Ain’t Over’ sees Mishal stepping into a stripped back house groove, expertly produced by Kenny Dope. Her soulful vocals drift above the beats, coming together in harmonies that effortlessly raise the emotions. UK remix specialists, The Wideboys came across the track on YouTube and were immediately reminded of the Everything But The Girl classic, ‘Missing’. They contacted Mishal with a view to remixing the record. Mishal jumped at the chance, knowing that a crossover dance hit would be a way to turn the spotlight onto her songwriting. The Wideboys have delivered a remix that loses none of the vibe of the original and adds a contemporary and radio friendly edge. The distinctly euro sound with chunky beats, accordion riffs and an irresistible summer feeling, is destined to ensure the sweet sound of Mishal Moore reaches a whole new swathe of listeners. 


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