Soul Avengerz
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Soul Avengerz

Paul Gardner and Wayne O’ Connell are no newcomers to the industry, having been an integral part of the London house scene for over a decade now.  But it is only recently that the guys have garnered the long overdue and much deserved worldwide recognition they have been striving for.


As DJ’s first and foremost, Paul and Wayne already had intimate knowledge of what worked in the main rooms up and down the country, so it was a simple case of applying this knowledge to their production work, and it is this that has led to their rise to fame.


The term Funky House has come to attract all manner of less than complimentary connotations as the scene has grown up, but at its core the term still implies crowd pleasing main room music.  From the anthemia funk of Love You Feel, to the more subtle Keep the Funk Alive (Sulfuric), no one does peak time floor fillers better than the Soul Avengers.  Quickly establishing a staggering production profile, the boys caught the attention of some of the UK’s major record labels, with remix work for CR2, Positive, Ministry of Sound and Manifesto, and eventually signed exclusively to Positive.  But a major label wasn’t the best home for the boys’ brand of club music and that’s why they started S.O.D.A.  


In a world where genres are constantly diviDJing and sub-diviDJing in a desperate but confusing attempt to stay up to date with trends, it’s refreshing to find artists who have refined what they do to such an extent as to perfectly represent their own sound. There is nothing snooty or elitist about what the Soul Avengers do; pure, accessible house for true music lovers.


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