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Jay Dabhi

New York City native Jay Dabhi began DJing at the tender age of 14 and acquired the nickname “Lil Jay” from the days when he stood atop milk crates to reach the turntables.

“It all started when my mom would put me in front of the radio when I was 4 to keep me entertained while she was doing work around the house,” says Jay. “By the time I was 8, I had rigged my parents’ stereo system to play records and tapes at the same time, but out of different speakers.”

Introduced to his first set of turntables at the age of 12, he impressed his sister’s friends with his ability to mix and match the tempos of different records at such a young age. “I was so excited to use the turntables,” recalls Jay, “that I would cut school to take a train and two buses to my friend’s house where I could practice mixing.”  After begging his parents to buy him his own set of turntables, Jay spent all of his time after school honing his skills and shopping for records.

By his sophomore year in college, Jay achieved national acclaim with his top selling remix album, NY’s Finest – Lil’ Jay.  A year later, following the tremendous response to his first album, Jay’s sophomore release, NY’s Finest II, was met with even greater fanfare.  As his success skyrocketed, so did his demand. Promoters from all over the country started booking Jay coast to coast, from such famed New York venues as the Roxy, Exit, Avalon and Webster Hall, to LA’s Hollywood Palladium, Soho Club and Century Club. Jay also headlined numerous national events including SASA (where he was bestowed with the first ever South Asian DJ of the Year award in Los Angeles).  His hard work paid off, as his stateside popularity garnered invitations to various clubs throughout Australia, South Africa, and the UK.

Quickly expanding into the realm of music production and DJing, Jay has been featured and mentioned in several publications such as, The New York Times, New York Daily News, The Village Voice, Newsday (NY), Billboard, Spin, and India Abroad.  Jay also caught the attention of international video game developer Konami Digital Entertainment, where his remix of Hisham Abbas’ Nari Narien is featured in the XBOX video game Dance Revolution Ultra Mix 3 alongside the Black Eyed Peas, Run DMC, Good Charlotte and The B52s.

Currently, Jay alongside his partners Duane Harden & Moises Modesto form the production and song writing team Da Groove Doctors.  Their first single All We Need Is Love (feat Tommie Nibbs) was well received on US dance radio in 2009 and set them on tour doing shows such as NYC’s Pulse 87 FM 1 year anniversary concert at NYC’s famed Mansion nightclub.

Also in 2009, Jay and his partner Moises Modesto delved into the drum ‘n’ bass world with Cry For Freedom.  The epic track quickly got play listed on BBC Radio 1 as well as on drum ‘n’bass podcasts and internet specialty shows.

Besides production work and a very busy dj schedule, Jay co-runs Soltrenz Records. With great songs written by Duane Harden and Moises Modesto, and great remixes by the likes of Yves Larock and DJ Antoine to name a few, Soltrenz Records is gearing up to shake dancefloors all over the world.

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