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Vocalist, Libby Picken, not only adds a healthy dose of sex appeal to the Deep Sugar Imprint but also delivers an impressive history of projects with some of electronic music’s top producers. Best known for her vocals on John B’s “Electrofreak,” which was on Paul Oakenfold’s, “The Great Wall,” Libby has been featured on releases from Donald Glaude and T-1000. She has a vocal style that focuses on strong hooks and melodies.  Libby has been singing ever since she can remember and while growing up, many of her favorite musical influences include and range from Madonna and Deee-Lite, to Minor Threat, Helmet, Fugazi, Soulstice, Zhane, and Erykah Badu. She has publicly performed classical Broadway show tunes such as ‘Think Of Me’ from Phantom of the Opera, and ‘On My Own’ from Les Miserables while also receiving vocal instruction from a nationally accredited opera singer, who is also a voice instructor at the respected Peabody Institute.


Libby has been a staple in the DC/Baltimore rave and electronic dance music scene since 1994. She released her first record in 1998 and continues to release dance music records with various artists, labels, and producers. She writes the lyrics and melodies to the majority of her work and is consistently writing and working on new projects.


Libby's latest venture is with the band, "Lazerbitch". "Lazerbitch" consists of Libby and "Mad Max" Maxwell Houston. Their crazy disco/electro/club sound has just started to rock dance floors everywhere.


Libby came into the Deep Sugar Music family as one of the patrons of the Deep Sugar parties taking place in Baltimore monthly.  Libby expressed interest in working with Ultra Nate' and the label thus giving Ultra an album demo of tracks recorded with Libby's disco/electro/club band Lazerbitch.  Impressed with Lazerbitch's cool retro funk sound and Libby's quirky vocal & songwriting style, Ultra signed the tune "Burning Bridges" from the demo and gave it a house treatment with mixes from Mr. V and San Francisco newcomer James Brennan.  Libby is currently working on her follow up single to "Burning Bridges" to be released fall of 2010.


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