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Though Jada may be considered new to the scene, this red-haired songstress has been afforded the opportunity to work with some of the pioneers in the House Music industry at the very inception of her career.  She was taken under the wings of the International Dance Music Artist, Ultra Nate, who first hired her as a dancer for many years until eventually; she was chosen to be a background vocalist.  Soon after, Jada was selected as one of the artists to kick off the Deep Sugar Music label.


This Baltimore, Maryland native has been singing since the age of seven.  Jada began her melodic journey by participating in numerous choirs and as a member of several "girl groups," adding to her repertoire.  Indeed, it can be said that when she became a solo artist her vocals really began to glisten.


Jada's first musical triumph was with DJ Spen and the Muthafunkas (which include Thommy Davis, Gary Hudgins and Irvin Madden), with a successful single entitled "Rock tha Bellz," a timeless Christmas anthem that will be played for many generations of House-Heads to come.  Then came two recordings with Code Red Records:  "Love Is" and "If You Should Ever Be Lonely," both of which were chart toppers.  Jada also co-wrote the lyrics for these songs which kept her vibe in the mix throughout production.


Jada’s latest effort on the Deep Sugar Music label, entitled “Beautiful,” displays her freedom of expression with her smooth riffs in combination with her impassioned pen.  This work of art shows that Deep Sugar is dedicated to quality songwriting and great mixes that fulfills the needs of a wide variety of audiences and DJs alike, hence the commissioned remixes by Mark Picchiotti and DJ Spinna – both total ear candy for all club kids.


At this time, Jada is ready for her next release on the Deep Sugar label entitled "Inspiration" which will include remixes by Lem Springsteen of Mood II Swing, Jovonn and new kid on the block D.C.'s own Chris Burns.


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