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Sybil Lynch was born in Paterson, New Jersey.  This Dynamic Soul Diva is considered to be the possessor of one of the most beautiful and exceptional voices in the music industry today. 


Her start in the industry came about with the aficionado of Dance Music Ce Ce Rogers in the group entitled Ce Ce & Company.  Before any grass grew under this Diva’s feet, she was signed to the “Next Plateau” recording label that released her first single “Falling In love” in 1986 which peaked at No 68 in the British singles chart.  Her first effort in the bizz became a national hit in all the clubs – and today it can still be heard by DJ’s around the globe.  This song enabled Sybil to tour cross-country and abroad.  Sybil’s follow up single “Let Yourself Go” in 1987, managed to get her a British Top 40 hit and soon after the International hit “My Love is Guaranteed” was introduced – charting in the top 50.  Both singles were voted in as the top ten dance records of the year.  Later in the year her debut album “Let Yourself Go” was released and peaked in the Top 100 on the British charts. 


In 1989 Sybil's smash single “Don’t Make Me Over” was released, which begot a new opportunity for the Diva to sign with the legendary British pop team Stock Aitken & Waterman, that produced the infectious “Walk On By” in 1990 – Sybil’s first Top 10 single.  Keeping the momentum with “Crazy For You” Sybil continued to tour with her repertoire and kept it moving!


When West End Records came in the mix, “The Love I Lost” was released – which enjoyed the No 3 spot on the National Charts, and reached No. 1 on the Dance Charts in the UK.  Sybil’s follow up on the label “When I’m Good And Ready” peaked at No 5 and has become one of the songs she is most associated with.


The Diva’s most recent full length album to date was entitled “Good ‘N’ Ready” – peaking at No 13. which too was very successful though not at the same realm of her prior hits which was disappointing to her.  The year 1996 marked Sybil's return with “So Tired of Being Alone”  -- having peaked at No 53, it was not until a year later that she would release the singles “When I’m Good And Ready” which was a 1997  remix (peaking at No 66) and then the single “Still A Thrill” (peaking at No 55 on the British charts.


When Sybil is not in the vocal booth, she performs around the world at numerous venues and festivals all over the world – working with the likes of Tom Browne (Funkin’ For Jamaica), Lenny White (world-renowned drummer) and the award winning rap group Salt N’ Pepa.


From 1993 through 2004, Sybil was part of a very successful tour called, Sisters of Soul, with her dear friend Angie Brown (of Bizarre Inc. fame) and on occasion Allison Limerick and Rozalla.  She managed to stay in the forefront by doing what she does best -- wowing her audiences.  During this time, she performed in some theatre productions and continued to do session work with some of her industry companions.  Recent efforts led Sybil to the production team of Kevin Hedge and Josh Milan, better known as Blaze, resulting in an infectious soulful tune entitled “When I Fall In Love,” giving her the success on the dance floor she was accustomed to and allowing her to loan her vocal skills on some of their other premiere projects. 


After meeting up with long-time friend Ultra Nate’ and asked to perform at the infamous Deep Sugar Party in Baltimore, Sybil performed her signature songs.  Opportunity came about once again, introducing her to DJ Spen and the Muthafunkaz, which enabled the effort “Don’t Give Up” in April 2006 – setting the club atmosphere for the Chanteuse, who then recorded an additional single for the Code Red imprint – namely – “It's Too Late” in November of that same year!


Ever production minded, and always one step ahead of the game, Ultra Nate called on Sybil's writing skills to launch the Deep Sugar Music single, “Shining Star” in June 2008, as well as “Stronger (Can't Look Back)” penned by the Diva herself along with music producer extraordinaire Quentin Harris.  “Stronger (Can’t Look Back)” also included remixes by Stonebridge and was released in March of 2009. 


Sybil is an artist to be reckoned with.  She is a favorite among her fans and peers and an innovator in the industry – watch out for this Diva’s next efforts….


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