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Jose Nuñez

DJ/producer Jose Nunez was born into a family of musicians. The Latin and Jazz flavors that nurtured him have surfaced as the essence of his music making, although Nunez? forte is his versatility. Wax Magazine (UK) describes Nunez best, ?If you?re into things with a groovy twist or a disco feel, then he?s your man.?


Nunez? slew of original solo productions demonstrates his creative agility. His first big solo success, ?Hold On? featuring former C+C vocalist Octavia, catapulted Nunez into another league and reeled in the praise for Subliminal Records. While ?Hold On? was still hot, Subliminal released the massive follow-up, ?In My Life?. So successful was Nunez? synergy with Octavia?s vocals he was compelled to include her on his remix for ?Big Love?, a Dronez hit from last summer.


?Music is like a moment to me,? Nunez explains. ?When you?re making a record, everything that happens is a part of one moment. If everybody can understand the result and experience it like I did, then that?s the reward.? He?s come a long way from the precocious seventh grader who tried to mix with a turntable and a tape deck.


The New Jersey native supported himself by DJing at local clubs and bars while attending the Center of Media Arts where he focused on engineering and producing. The smoke filled rooms soon fell by the wayside when he stepped up his efforts. ?I came out of school, stopped DJing and bought a bunch of equipment. I locked myself in a room for six months, and believed in myself.?


Nunez? vigor for the music was rewarded when he met producer Erick Morillo, now a longtime friend and business partner. He engineered and mixed his first big record, ?Move It?, from Morillo?s group Reel 2 Real?s first album. The relationship continued, and the following year Nunez was recruited to produced tracks with Morillo for Reel 2 Real?s second album, including ?Are You Ready For Some More? and ?Mueve La Cadera?, which launched Nunez into a new echelon as a producer.

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